Export Sales

With table grapes as our foundation, we are building a one stop export arm for a variety of growers from around the world by utilizing our experience and expertise in the international commerce with extensive customer relations.

This will enable the growers under our umbrella to maintain the pride of the label while keeping their costs down.

Sundale Sales Inc International Division specialties:

Sell established relationship with international Retail, Wholesale and Import companies from around the world.

  • Innovative 5 star customer service in the produce industry.
  • Maximizing Growers Returns.
  • Helping Growers develop new international markets while minimizing the cost of adding new employees for international sales, insurance, equipment, documentation, communication, paperwork, shipping line contracts, marketing trips travel etc.
  • The ability to develop new varieties, organics, dry and non premium produce in markets unfamiliar with these products
  • Win-win approach to doing business.