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* 03-1-2014, Novogradac, California Grape Growers Harvests ITCs (Download))


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* 08-20-2011, Asia Fruit Magazine, Sundale Launches export arm (Download


* 6-20-2011, The Produce News, Import & Export at Sundale Vineyards (Download)


* 7-28-2010, The Produce News, Plastic covering protects late-season grape crop at Sundale Vineyards (Download)

* 7-28-2009, The Produce News, Sundale Sales to see significant growth in three fall varities (Download)

* 7-27-2009, The Produce News, Sundale Sales, Inc. expands facilities, staff and production (Download)

* 7-27-2009, Ad, The Produce News, Sundale Vineyards Newsletter Ad (Download)

* 7-28-2008, The Produce News, Sundale Vineyards expands 'aggressively' in three newer varieties (Download)

* 7-30-2007, The Produce News, Sundale Vineyards does own marketing for second season (Download)